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 The United States Constitution guarantees your right to bear arms.  

So what should you carry your rifle in? 

The Right To Bear Arms Gun Case or Scabbard

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About the RIGht to bear arms gun case & gun scabbard


Patented Designs

No Competition

1 Patent – Zippered Case 

1 Patent pending - Scabbard Case

Perfect 2nd Amendment Gift

Clever unique design makes it difficult to counterfeit and mass market

Any Size - Rifle, Shotgun or AR

Any Color – Black, Brown, Golden, White or Pink for the Ladies

Zippered Models

Basic - Faux Fur w\Nylon Zipper and Polyethylene Web Handles 

Deluxe – Faux Fur w\Brass Zipper and Leather Handles

Premium - Real fur w\Brass Zipper & Leather Handles

Scabbard Models

Basic - Faux Fur w\ Polyethylene Web Handles

Deluxe – Faux Fur w\ Leather Handles

Premium - Real fur w\Leather Handles

3 Different Markets

Basic – Big Box Store

Deluxe – Sporting Goods Stores

Premium – Safari Clubs

Also Available for Sale

Bear paw mold files - .stl & .obj

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Right To Bear Arms Gun Case©

Right To Bear Arms Gun Scabbard©

The Right to Bear Arms Gun Case© and Right to Bear Arms Gun Scabbard© are unique gun cases that are not only functional but can be displayed as an artistic and patriotic expression of your Second Amendment rights. This one of a kind gun case has a bear paw and can be made with real bear fur for the affluent sportsman that travel on safaris or made with faux fur for the avid gun enthusiast or weekend hunter. It comes in all shapes and sizes to fit everything from rifles and shotguns to ARs with scopes. It is available in black, brown, gold, white and pink. You can choose leather or nylon web handles, nylon or a brass zipper and a custom laser engraved leather label with personal information like your name, anniversary, or your birthday. This gun case is a real conversation starter and gives “We the People” an opportunity to demonstrate our passion by celebrating the liberty provided by the US Constitution. We have to stand up and show our passion for the most successful government document in the history of the mankind. For 240 years this nation has been the beacon of liberty to the world. Just as the eagle symbolizes freedom, the Right to Bear Arms Gun Case© symbolizes freedom from tyranny. Displayed above the mantle of the fireplace, in your office, or at the lodge, the Right to Bear Arms Gun Case© or Gun Scabbard will be a conversation piece for generations. Thank you for your love for this country and your passion to stand up for what’s right. Now wouldn’t The Right to Bear Arms Gun Case make a great gift for the patriots in your life?


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Right to Bear Arms Gun Case

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